I love the combination of the monochrome black and white mix! It can look so chic and you can dress it up or down.  This particular outfit is perfect for the cooler days in Autumn or Spring but if you add black riding boots and a cardigan it’ll be a lot warmer.  Add a blazer and scarf for the chilly mornings and evenings and to make it a little smarter.

I rarely add make-up to these posts but the lipstick I wore here  added a completely different  look to the outfit. Usually I would wear a nude or bright red lipstick with this kind of outfit but this dusty Vintage Pink from Rimmel London is so different and quite pretty!



Top / Dress, Black bow pumps & scarf – Woolworths; Tights and Blazer – Cotton On; Lipstick – Rimmel London Vintage Pink



Bronze, brown and navy





I still don’t think we have had a proper Winter yet! The days are chilly but we haven’t been super cold in JHB like it is usually! These days have honestly felt like Autumn, which I love! It is rather difficult to dress for this kind of weather though, super chilly in the morning and evenings and warm (sometimes hot) during the day. Here is my take on a warmer Winter’s day with bronze, brown and navy!

One good thing about this kind of outfit is that you can layer. This Cotton On dress is just so comfortable and cool because it is made of breathable cotton. I quite like mixing navy with brown and bronze as it makes it more Winter looking. If you end up stripping your scarf off, have a necklace underneath to keep with the colour combo! I like to try match up my make-up with the same colour palette like this bronze lipstick from MAC.

How do you dress in this kind of weather?



Scarf – Woolworths, Dress – Cotton On, Necklace – Poetry Stores, Leggings – Cotton On, Navy slippers – Mr Price, Bronze lipstick – MAC


Tashas Canal Walk

I haven’t spent time at Canal Walk in Cape Town but the other day we need to hire a tuxedo for a black tie wedding and popped. I have to admit it is a very overwhelming experience as this shopping centre must be one of the biggest I have ever been in! For lunch we decided to dine at Tashas.

I have always enjoyed the Tashas menu as it is so simple but ‘oh so delicious’! The atmosphere is always electric with brilliant service and a somewhat colonial, old fashioned look about their decor.

I had an incredible granita with apple, cucumber and mint and to eat I had an aubergine, beef and tahini yoghurt. See their menu here. Delicious!

I do know that all the Tashas cafes I have been to, they have all been worth their while and have never disappointed. Pay a visit to you nearest Tashas to see what I mean.


Peach and Leather


In the cold winter it is always difficult to steer clear of the dark gloomy colours. Although black, grey and brown can be very smart and chic, here is another take on a little brighter, colourful look with peach!

I just love my Mango leather jacket – this classic item is a must for your wardrobe! So useful and warm and goes with anything! I have paired it with Soviet jeggings, Mr Price satin pumps in chocolate brown and a peach cotton top from YDE.

Happy Monday everyone!




If any of you know me, you will know that I love my wine. Red in Winter, Rosé on the odd occasion and White…whenever! I love the history of wine making and the way wines are made from all sorts of different ingredients. I don’t think I will ever know enough about wine and all its details but one thing I do know for sure, I do enjoy it! With friends at a lunch, romantic dinners with G, laughing with family or relaxing with a good book or writing this blog.

I spoke about discovering apps the other day here, and this is another that I think every wine lover should have…Vivino!

What is so great about this app is that you have a profile that will save all your favourite wines and the wines you have reviewed. Similar to the Zomato app where you can review the wine and comment to all the people that are on your profile. Like Facebook you will have friends on your newsfeed that pop up with their reviews about the wine they have tasted. On the various wine reviews, you will see others that have commented whether they are on your profile or not.

To use this app, take a photo of the wine bottle label. Once the app has analysed the image it will confirm with a “Voila!”. All the details about the wine will be displayed with ratings, the farm it comes from , the grapes used and what food you should pair it with.  How clever?

How many of you have this app and does it meet your expectations?


Zomato App

I am quite useless when it comes to apps and what the latest trends are regarding new apps for Android or iOS (…or in human terms for example, Samsung or Apple). I generally use my phone for phoning, texting or social media catch-ups but since I moved over to the Apple world, I have been exposed to apps! What a wonderful discovery! One app I would like to share, is the free app called Zomato . Have any of you downloaded it?

I have found living in the city very different compared to living in Durban where I could go to the beach to get out. Here in the city, we go to restaurants, cafes and pubs / bars. I absolutely love this alternative because there is just so much to choose from. Some expensive, some affordable. Some Thai cuisine, some Italian – which do you choose from?

Zomato has been the greatest site for me when choosing a restaurant. When first moving to Johannesburg, I wasn’t sure of where we were going when a friend would suggest a restaurant. I am always intimidated by menus, I am always the last one at the table to choose what I want – there is just too much choice!! I learnt to go online and check out the restaurant menu before heading out so that I knew the variety of food offered and familiarized myself with the menu so it wasn’t so difficult to choose. Zomato was always the first site to pick from when looking on Google.

Now that I have become accustom to Zomato, I downloaded their app and have been so fulfilled. It will ask for your location so that it can choose the various restaurants or bars in your area, it will give you the option of breakfast, lunch, supper or drinks and then defines the cuisine to which your growling tummy desires. Even better, it gives you the latest on trending places at that time. Hipster hangouts, hidden gems or tea times, you can choose. A list of places to see will be featured and many visitors to these places have reviewed what the restaurant / cafe is like regarding service or cleanliness. Very appealing! Recently Zomato have updated their software and when logging in to the app to greet you, “Hello Chanel.” to which you can then choose what your heart desires.

If you keep your locations services on, the app will pick out all the places that are closest to you for food or drink when moving around or travelling to different towns, cities or countries. Clever!

Let me know your favourite aspects of Zomato!





White vinegar to the rescue!

Who would have thought that I would be using vinegar to do my laundry or to wash my hands? No one! You might think that I am completely crazy but after hearing the story about using vinegar instead of fabric softener in my washing machine I had to do some research. We have tried and tested the following, and they work wonderfully! Vinegar is our latest household hero!

A colleague at work introduced me to the use of vinegar instead of fabric softener. After asking around, the result of fabric softener creating white lines in clothing became quite a common tread in the conversation. The general reaction was that the vinegar would make the clothes smell! Well, after trying it – it really doesn’t. It is a lot less harmful to the environment and removes stains as well as that musky, damp smell from towels or gym clothes. We have all jumped on the ‘band wagon’ and have all had great success!

Summer is the rainy season in Johannesberg. Because the tiles on our outside balcony are such a light colour, the wrought iron table and chairs have started staining the tiles after all the rain.  If one pours some vinegar over the stain marks and then sprinkle salt over it and leave for 4 hours, the rust disappears. The reaction of the salt and vinegar seems to lift the rust out of the tile. Now that we have clean tiles outside, we have added a little AstroTurf to prevent any rust forming on the tiles again – closest bit of garden lawn we’ve had since living in the flat!

Outside garden

Research has shown that washing your hands often, becomes very dehydrating to your skin. A new remedy is to mix vinegar and a bit water in a soap pump with a little essential oil (I like to use lavender) and use this to wash your hands instead. The vinegar immediately kills all germs and the lavender moisturises the skin and of course smells wonderful!

Hand Wash

Have a look at the article “ingenious uses for white vinegar” for some more ideas for around the house.

I would love to hear from you on any other remedies that you may know or have tried at home!


Creating your own sanctuary

Growing up in the Drakensberg in KZN, South Africa, I have been lucky enough to experience peace and quiet! “Tranquility for the Soul”, I call it. Sitting out in the open on the farm, with the thin crisp air cleaning out my lungs with each deep breath, whilst watching the antelope prance across the sides of the mountain, it is most certainly enlightening.

Since living in the ‘big city’, there is a completely different feeling one gets, from the energy created by all the busy bodies rushing from one place to the next, from meeting to meeting and keeping up with the Jones’s. If one could view this from above, I would imagine it would look like little ants scurrying back and forth in a race to get their work back to the ant heap faster than the ant behind him.

I know that anyone working a full time job will be able to relate when I say that reality devours us on a day to day basis! When do you find the time to have, ‘me-time’? Stress, work pressure, family or relationship drama…when do you say, ‘enough is enough’ and take a moment for yourself?

Some people may have their own little rituals or routines that work for them. Yoga, running, hiking or reading? Maybe it is the time spent with your children or pets? Sitting at my dressing table the other morning inspired this post. As I stared at the Buddha statue, with the faint scent of the lemongrass as the candle flickered in the background and the flowing cotton curtains behind them, I realised that this spot was my little place of sanctuary in the mornings. With the window open just next to me, I could feel the cool breeze on my face and hear the birds chirping in the big oak tree right outside the window dropping its acorns on the roof below.  For that very beautiful moment, I didn’t feel like I was in the city.


One point I would love to get across to anyone who will listen, is to notice the small things. Even in a big smoky city scattered with concrete and crime, there is natural beauty that we need to pay more attention to, because before we know it, it won’t be there anymore. Did you see that bird flying in the sky today? What bird was it? Did you notice the little Dove perched on her eggs in the tree just outside your window? Did you smell the rain in the air or catch sight of the little rabbits playing under the trees on the way to gym in the early hours of the morning? These are the special little moments that happen every day without many of us knowing that they do. Remember to create your little sanctuary in your busy life, one that will allow you to take the deep breath and notice the small things. Even if it is as short as two minutes, it will be the healthy serenity your soul needs – the natural cure to insanity.