Dear Me

Dear Me is a quaint yet quirky little cafe in Longmarket Street in Cape Town. The space is very simply done with gorgeous hanging ferns from the ceiling. Unfortunately we only had coffee (which was delightful) but I have heard that the food is wonderful as it is homemade, fresh and offers a variety of specialized foods for all preferences. Contact Dear Me if you would like to book out their space for seminars or events.


Tashas Canal Walk

I haven’t spent time at Canal Walk in Cape Town but the other day we need to hire a tuxedo for a black tie wedding and popped. I have to admit it is a very overwhelming experience as this shopping centre must be one of the biggest I have ever been in! For lunch we decided to dine at Tashas.

I have always enjoyed the Tashas menu as it is so simple but ‘oh so delicious’! The atmosphere is always electric with brilliant service and a somewhat colonial, old fashioned look about their decor.

I had an incredible granita with apple, cucumber and mint and to eat I had an aubergine, beef and tahini yoghurt. See their menu here. Delicious!

I do know that all the Tashas cafes I have been to, they have all been worth their while and have never disappointed. Pay a visit to you nearest Tashas to see what I mean.


The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room is a beautiful space situated in Station Road, Observatory Cape Town. A wonderful building with high ceilings has been transformed into a creative space where artists can enjoy a cup of coffee whilst sketching or friends can gather to enjoy a delicious cappuccino.

There are some gorgeous vintage looking pieces like old cabinets and fire places that make the space so unique and some pretty pastel bunting that frames the entrance making it so welcoming. The art exhibited at the moment is the story of “Farrah was not a Dalmatian” by Adrie le Roux which is a very cute children’s story of an English Pointer mistaken for a Dalmatian.

Our afternoon was spent enjoying Catherine’s baby shower which was such a special occasion since she is G’s sister! Her very good friend Dominique decorated the venue with such style and finesse. G’s mum and her friends baked the most delicious almond balls, lemon cakes and apricot tarts which was a perfect sweet ending to the cheese and biscuits snacks.


If you are in the area, visit The Drawing Room to get the creativity flowing and see who is next exhibiting on the walls.


Brewtown Coffee Company

Who enjoys coffee? I certainly do! I love how the aroma grips you and drags you in where ever it is brewing. Walking through the Lonehill Shopping Centre the other day, a colleague and I passed Brewtown Coffee Company, a new coffee shop!

Being the coffee lovers we are, we had to stop and get a take-away coffee for the way back to the office. The shop has an industrial feel when looking up at the raw ceiling but with all the wood accents the shop elucidates warmth especially with the smell of coffee as you walk in. I had a Latte and Tracy had a Cappuccino, which were delicious. I will definitely be back and apparently they open up early for the Virgin Active gym members in the morning.

Catch them on Facebook and Twitter


Fairview and the Spice Route

What a great day this was out and about at Fairview Wine farm and the Spice Route. Fairview offer wine and cheese tasting and just down the road from them is the Spice Route for beer and chocolate tasting!

Being welcomed by the goats with massive spiral horns in the goat tower at Fairview Wine Farm, captivated our group from our arrival. Meandering through the grape vines into the wine and cheese tasting hall was the epitome of the experience one should have in the Cape Winelands.

Starting off with an array of wines to taste– dry or sweet, red or white, our morning started off on a rather happy note (if you know what I mean). In between tasting all these delicious wines, we were escorted to the cheeseery where we tasted all the different cheeses the Fairview farm produces. To finish off our visit we had a wonderful cappuccino at The Goatshed Restaurant.

The neighbouring farm to Fairview is The Spice Route Winery. Filled with different restaurants and tastings such as Biltong tasting, CBC Brewery, and restaurants and cafes, one needs a full day to tour around this venue.

Our first stop was the CBC brewery where we tasted the most delicious craft beer. The tasting takes place in the actual brewery so it is a little loud but is very interesting watching the beer being bottled on the production line. Boxes of beer can be purchased from here too.

For lunch we went to Bertus Basson where we sat under an acorn tree and watched the squirrels scurry around the lawn and veranda. Our meal was incredible!

For dessert, we went chocolate tasting at De Villiers Chocolate Artisan factory, tasting and shop. What a difference it makes when told how to eat your chocolate – amazing flavours from foreign cocoa beans encompassed the mouthfuls of delight. Chocolate made from cocoa beans from Venezuela, Uganda and Madagascar to name a few, were all so different and just accentuated my love for chocolate!

After stuffing our bellies with deliciousness, we finished off our visit to the Spice Route with a magnificent coffee and homemade ice-cream.

The Spice Route is definitely a full day out and make sure that you are hungry because you cannot miss anything as it is all so delicious!


Giovanni’s Cape Town

A quick post this time, about the perfect little Italian Deli, Giovanni’s is situated in Green Point, Cape Town.  Before a busy day touring around Cape Town one day, G and I decided to pop into the famous Giovanni’s for an amazing sandwich and cappuccino.

Giovannis, restaurant, Italian, deli, coffee, capetown

Giovanni’s on the sidewalk of Main, Green Point

All fresh meats, pickles, salads and breads are on display in the deli to which you can choose ingredients to make the sandwich of your choice. Sitting in the sun on the sidewalk of Main road, makes you feel like a foreigner in Italy. Italians surrounded us speaking in their mother-tongue enthusiastically! It has to be one of the most authentic places I have visited in South Africa – an Italian deli true to its roots.


A little artisan heaven!

I have come to the conclusion that I love food! Since I have started writing about the few places we visit for a delicious treat every now and then, I have been taking extra care in noticing the flavours in the foods and wines as well as the decor in these restaurants. I want to portray the best possible experience in writing for you to hopefully enjoy as much as I did the eating and drinking.

Mon Petit Throbb is a little gem tucked away in the bottom corner of the Longpoint Office Park opposite Monte Casino. The little artisan bistro has such a wonderful atmosphere which is welcoming and cozy!Mon Petit EntranceThe decor I would say is French country chic with little features throughout the restaurant which emanates little areas of the French villas and avenues.

On to the eating and drinking – this is an explosion on the senses. Literally as I write this, my mouth is watering thinking of the food they construct and present.

Because I always have such a problem with choice and making a decision on my meal, we decided to pick a few starters from the menu of which we have never tried. An array of wonderfully tasting delights flooded our table – Scallops with Chorizo, Stuffed Calamari, Rump & Halloumi kebabs and Mussels along with G’s choice of Ribs for a main.

The stuffed calamari had to be my favourite with lime, sweet chilli and the zing of ginger accents on the taste of the ocean and the mussels soft creamy coriander tickling the taste buds…exquisite! To top off the magnificent dinner we shared a bottle of Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose bubbles.


Might not be called Heaven but it sure felt like it could have been!


Café del sol Botanico

Last week four of us girls had a fabulous ‘girls night out’! We went to Café Del Sol Botanico, a new restaurant that has opened up in Bryanston. It all started out in Olivedale by an Italian family who clearly has a passion for food.

Over the past few weeks I had only heard the best reviews about this new restaurant opening so to my absolute delight, we had a reservation!

Walking into Bryanston Shopping Centre, the restaurant is abuzz and we’re immediately attracted to the upstairs where the restaurant and the new cocktail bar, Landmark, are situated. Landmark is a gorgeous bar with sleek features in wood and the lighting creates an impressive sultry atmosphere. I can just picture Carrie and the girls from Sex and the City sipping on their cosmopolitans enjoying a classy night out at this bar!

After a drink to ease off from the busy day at work, we moved into the restaurant. The lighting in the room was so well done; it felt like it was midday in spring, the perfect way to forget about the hurricane of a storm outside. The atmosphere in the room of mint green and white is crisp and fresh.  I felt like I was sitting in a picturesque scene from “The Secret Garden” with the orchids and greenery hanging upside down from the ceilings. Mirrors around the room add to the light and create the illusion that the space we were sitting in was a lot bigger that it was. A beautiful feature in the restaurant was the vertical garden. Ferns, moss and light plants grow vertically up the entire side of a column in the room which makes that botanical garden impression more real.

Now for the food… All I can say is wow! To start, I had the halloumi spring rolls and the other girls had the duck spring rolls and the salt and pepper squid heads. The flavours burst out in my first bite and I know that this was a great choice to start. For my main I had the gorgonzola gnocchi, and all three of the other girls had the seafood risotto. We all had to have a little taste of each of the dishes so sharing became part of our evening’s activities. The gnocchi had to have been the best I have ever tasted. I don’t normally choose gnocchi but this time I felt like a treat and it was well worth it when the little pillows of potato just melt in your mouth. Being a ‘girls night out’ we all had to indulge in a dessert. Peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate pots with peanut butter ice-cream and chocolate brownies were the choices at the table. Incredibly sweet and decadent, these desserts were sublime and made to perfection!

A first for me finishing a three-course meal – it was just too scrumptious not too!

Café Del Sol Botanico @CafeDelSol1 #Botanico

Tickled taste buds!

We have been back in Jo’burg for three weeks already yet I constantly reminisce of the delicious meals we had in Cape Town.  What a range to choose from!

When ever we visit Cape Town we go to The Bombay Bicycle! After experiencing Madame Zingara I have since been completely in love with the Chocolate Chilli steak – this isn’t on their menu anymore but with us getting to know the head chef quite well over the last few years we were lucky enough to indulge in this spectacular dish! Bombay Bicycle has the most eclectic themed decor, almost as if you were back in the magical Madame Zingara tent. Swings for chairs, an array of hats to wear at your table and a festive drummer that announces “two for one cocktails” at midnight! This very festive and fun restaurant is in Kloof Street Gardens and is definitely worth the visit!

Following on from The Bombay Bicycle and the chef I mentioned, has just started up a restaurant in The Company’s Garden called &HOPE.


“It all started on a fateful stormy night in 1647, when the Dutch Vessel, The New Haarlem, ran ashore on the rocks of Table Bay. Little did anyone know that what transpired would change the course of our history forever.”

As you arrive and walk though the 300 year old trees that tower overhead, creating such cool shade, you are seated on a perfectly combined ‘miss match’ of tables and chairs…it felt like a fancy picnic! This simplistic looking restaurant has the most superb menu and a variety of food to choose from.


Seafood Pasta


Seared Tuna

On our last day we met at Latitude 33 for coffee. What a great place with amazing coffee! From the outside it looks like a coffee shop but the “surfer chic” interior has a mixture of wonderful art and very trendy clothes that you can browse around whilst waiting for your order. Have a look at their online store at their online store on their website!

Image courtesy of Whale Cottage Portfolio -

Image courtesy of Whale Cottage Portfolio

As the tale goes – “leave the best until last”… I have share our a photos of our evening with special friends on the roof top of their new abode in celebration of their engagement! Congratulations Donald and Tharien!


French Champagne