Lion’s Head

The popular Lion’s Head in Cape Town has quite the reputation of how beautiful it is, how wonderful the views are and how easy the walk is. Well…two of the above points are completely true and the last, well…it is easy if you are fit and a mountain climber!!!

I exaggerate! The Lion’s Head is a hike I have always wanted to tick off my bucket list. Because it is such a sight from Cape Town and is made such a spectacle of, it has always intrigued me. I said to G that the next time we are in Cape Town we have to make a mission to hike up Lion’s Head. What an experience it was. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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At first the path is wide and steep but it is gradual and winds all the way around the mountain until reaching the last section which is quite sheer. Holding onto the chains assisting me up the face of the rocks was rather unexpected as I had heard this was an easy walk. Being rather nervous of heights where my legs take ownership of my body and start shaking uncontrollably I thought this was quite the achievement. Something I will absolutely do again due to the views and feeling completely on top of the world when summited. Little Rock Dussies, Mongoose and Lizards were scurrying around the warm rocks trying to keep warm in the sun but also attempting to camouflage themselves as much as possible.

The top of this peak is quite a big area for hikers to sit and picnic, take a little time to hydrate on a hot day or just take soak up the beautiful view! The way down went a lot quicker than the way up but by the end of the path the overwhelming sense of accomplishment takes over! What a lovely way to exercise on holiday too!

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Post Easter exercise

How many of you over-dosed on chocolate this Easter?  As much as I love Easter, my body is starting to show the shock I have put it through! After being away for the Easter weekend and week before, it is going to be quite the struggle to get back into the exercising routine!

What do you do for exercise and to help lose those extra few Easter treats that seem to find residency on the hips?

Running is one of the best forms of exercise for me as it gets the heart rate pumping and the blood flowing. Another is the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide programme that has you sweating rivers after her workouts. Purchase her programmes online and find out how far you can push yourself with challenging exercises like bosu-ball burpees and jumping lunges. There have been some great transformations that will keep you motivated too! Don’t forget to stretch afterwards and use your foam roller (mine is from Mr Price) to rid any lactic acid build up and stiffness.

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Kayla Itsines BBG

Let me know how your exercise routines go and good luck!


Hyundai Rock the Run

Rock the Run? Music and exercise? Isn’t that just the best combination?

Hyundai Rock the Run started in 2014, hosted in the Sandton Mushroom Farm Park where the massive Hyundai balloon towers over Sandton acting as a landmark for us ‘out of towners’ to find our bearings when driving around Johannesburg. This event has the option to run the fun run of 5 kilometers, the intermediate 10 kilometers or for the brave, 21kms in and around the streets of Sandton.

Hyundai Balloon

The girls and I decided to run the 10km race so that we were not too tired for the music concert in the park afterwards. As much as I thought the 10km would be easy and ‘a walk in the park’ (no pun intended), I thought wrong! I discovered that Sandton has quite a few hills…steep ones! Considering myself a runner, I am embarrassed to admit how often I walked, although the fellow runners around me were in high spirits with the constant chit-chat and cheering on – the time passed by really quickly! Around each corner there was a jembe drum band or the African steel drums playing rhythmic beats that encouraged us up those monstrous hills. These bands created such an enjoyable atmosphere, I wanted to stop and watch them but I had to conquer those hills! Luckily the music echoed through the streets and bounced off the trees which kept me going for a while.

Fine mist spray tunnels welcomed us into the park where we could line up in the queue for massages to ease the tired muscles or set up a picnic spot and enjoy the entertaining sounds of Matthew Mole, Mi Casa and Mango Groove – a few of South Africa’s favourites!

The crowd were able to enjoy refreshing drinks sponsored by SAB Castle Lite Lime in the beer tent and delicious eats from various food trucks like The Bedford Gastrotruck, Smooch and The Balkan Burger (one the best burgers of all time).


With this event starting early, one could fill the morning with some vigorous exercise and festive music, finishing in time to go home for a nap. This was an absolutely wonderful event for fun runners, serious runners, families and music lovers. One I will be returning to next year!