The Berghouse and Cottages

We are so lucky! The Drakensberg has been calling our names and we’re heading down this weekend to The Berghouse & Cottages. This magnificent farm is in the Northern Drakensberg and looks onto one of the most majestic landscapes in South Africa, The Amphitheater.

The farm has beautiful scenic hikes and tracks for mountain biking and trail running where often you will come across Zebra, horses, Eland or Baboons! Picnic spots that overlook the river or a cascading waterfall are all the reasons for visiting and most of all because I can call this beautiful place my HOME!

At the moment the farm looks a bit like an artists painting with black stripes creating checkerboards across the landscapes. These are from the firebreaks to control any fires that might dance across the dry veld. Although to some this might seem quite dull, the Drakensberg is sprinkled white with snow and in the evenings, the sunsets are like no other.

Each cottage is has a unique look about it with a “rustic-chic” feel as quoted by many of the visitors! Outside the cottages in their camps are the family favourites – the miniature horses. There are about eleven of these cheeky miniatures on the farm as well as the taller ponies we call “Basotho-ponies” that take the guests for out rides on the farm.

Have a look at this video to get a better idea visually of what I talk about. Here are a few pic’s my dad or I have taken of the farm and it’s beauty. More will most certainly follow after the weekend!


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