The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room is a beautiful space situated in Station Road, Observatory Cape Town. A wonderful building with high ceilings has been transformed into a creative space where artists can enjoy a cup of coffee whilst sketching or friends can gather to enjoy a delicious cappuccino.

There are some gorgeous vintage looking pieces like old cabinets and fire places that make the space so unique and some pretty pastel bunting that frames the entrance making it so welcoming. The art exhibited at the moment is the story of “Farrah was not a Dalmatian” by Adrie le Roux which is a very cute children’s story of an English Pointer mistaken for a Dalmatian.

Our afternoon was spent enjoying Catherine’s baby shower which was such a special occasion since she is G’s sister! Her very good friend Dominique decorated the venue with such style and finesse. G’s mum and her friends baked the most delicious almond balls, lemon cakes and apricot tarts which was a perfect sweet ending to the cheese and biscuits snacks.


If you are in the area, visit The Drawing Room to get the creativity flowing and see who is next exhibiting on the walls.


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