Macaroni Cheese

I am not the avid baker like most women. The other day I shocked G (who usually does dinners in our home) by making macaroni cheese for dinner. I was rather impressed with myself because it tasted delicious!


Here is the recipe for you to try it yourself:


Gluten free macaroni

Bacon or ham


Baby Marrow

Cream Cheese




For the topping:

Rye bread






Put your macaroni on for the boil until ready


Gluten free pasta

Chop  up some baby marrow,  broccoli and bacon or ham and stir fry

Greens, ham stirfry

Stir fry the baby marrow, broccoli and ham

Whilst your pasta boils, mix your cream cheese (2 tubs) with a little milk, garlic, salt and pepper with a whisk so that it becomes smooth


Whisk the milk, cream cheese, garlic, salt and pepper together until smooth

Once this is the sauce is ready, mix the cream sauce mixture with your greens and bacon & ham and start layering with the macaroni. Sprinkle cheese throughout (optional)


Add in the mixed sauce with the pasta

For the topping, blend some rye bread to make crumbs, mix with garlic and paprika for flavour and sprinkle with a little cheese over the top


Blend the rye bread until crumbs are formed

Put this into a preheated oven (180° C) for about 30 – 40 minutes – keep checking dependent on your oven, the top should become nice and crispy with a golden brown colour


Sprinkle the topping over the pasta and sauce

Serve with a salad or eat by itself, enjoy!




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