The Berghouse and Cottages

We are so lucky! The Drakensberg has been calling our names and we’re heading down this weekend to The Berghouse & Cottages. This magnificent farm is in the Northern Drakensberg and looks onto one of the most majestic landscapes in South Africa, The Amphitheater.

The farm has beautiful scenic hikes and tracks for mountain biking and trail running where often you will come across Zebra, horses, Eland or Baboons! Picnic spots that overlook the river or a cascading waterfall are all the reasons for visiting and most of all because I can call this beautiful place my HOME!

At the moment the farm looks a bit like an artists painting with black stripes creating checkerboards across the landscapes. These are from the firebreaks to control any fires that might dance across the dry veld. Although to some this might seem quite dull, the Drakensberg is sprinkled white with snow and in the evenings, the sunsets are like no other.

Each cottage is has a unique look about it with a “rustic-chic” feel as quoted by many of the visitors! Outside the cottages in their camps are the family favourites – the miniature horses. There are about eleven of these cheeky miniatures on the farm as well as the taller ponies we call “Basotho-ponies” that take the guests for out rides on the farm.

Have a look at this video to get a better idea visually of what I talk about. Here are a few pic’s my dad or I have taken of the farm and it’s beauty. More will most certainly follow after the weekend!



I love the combination of the monochrome black and white mix! It can look so chic and you can dress it up or down.  This particular outfit is perfect for the cooler days in Autumn or Spring but if you add black riding boots and a cardigan it’ll be a lot warmer.  Add a blazer and scarf for the chilly mornings and evenings and to make it a little smarter.

I rarely add make-up to these posts but the lipstick I wore here  added a completely different  look to the outfit. Usually I would wear a nude or bright red lipstick with this kind of outfit but this dusty Vintage Pink from Rimmel London is so different and quite pretty!



Top / Dress, Black bow pumps & scarf – Woolworths; Tights and Blazer – Cotton On; Lipstick – Rimmel London Vintage Pink



Bronze, brown and navy





I still don’t think we have had a proper Winter yet! The days are chilly but we haven’t been super cold in JHB like it is usually! These days have honestly felt like Autumn, which I love! It is rather difficult to dress for this kind of weather though, super chilly in the morning and evenings and warm (sometimes hot) during the day. Here is my take on a warmer Winter’s day with bronze, brown and navy!

One good thing about this kind of outfit is that you can layer. This Cotton On dress is just so comfortable and cool because it is made of breathable cotton. I quite like mixing navy with brown and bronze as it makes it more Winter looking. If you end up stripping your scarf off, have a necklace underneath to keep with the colour combo! I like to try match up my make-up with the same colour palette like this bronze lipstick from MAC.

How do you dress in this kind of weather?



Scarf – Woolworths, Dress – Cotton On, Necklace – Poetry Stores, Leggings – Cotton On, Navy slippers – Mr Price, Bronze lipstick – MAC


Dear Me

Dear Me is a quaint yet quirky little cafe in Longmarket Street in Cape Town. The space is very simply done with gorgeous hanging ferns from the ceiling. Unfortunately we only had coffee (which was delightful) but I have heard that the food is wonderful as it is homemade, fresh and offers a variety of specialized foods for all preferences. Contact Dear Me if you would like to book out their space for seminars or events.


Tashas Canal Walk

I haven’t spent time at Canal Walk in Cape Town but the other day we need to hire a tuxedo for a black tie wedding and popped. I have to admit it is a very overwhelming experience as this shopping centre must be one of the biggest I have ever been in! For lunch we decided to dine at Tashas.

I have always enjoyed the Tashas menu as it is so simple but ‘oh so delicious’! The atmosphere is always electric with brilliant service and a somewhat colonial, old fashioned look about their decor.

I had an incredible granita with apple, cucumber and mint and to eat I had an aubergine, beef and tahini yoghurt. See their menu here. Delicious!

I do know that all the Tashas cafes I have been to, they have all been worth their while and have never disappointed. Pay a visit to you nearest Tashas to see what I mean.


Scarf tying tips 5

This scarf is one of my favourites. It is called a “snood” which originates as headgear for women but trends at the moment as a scarf which doesn’t have ends. There are some wonderful snoods in stores at the moment with different thicknesses and patterns. I love how easy they are as all you need to do is wrap it around your neck a few times and it looks good every time!

Here is a very simple and easy way to tie your snood scarf. This particular snood is from Woolworths in pink and black.


The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room is a beautiful space situated in Station Road, Observatory Cape Town. A wonderful building with high ceilings has been transformed into a creative space where artists can enjoy a cup of coffee whilst sketching or friends can gather to enjoy a delicious cappuccino.

There are some gorgeous vintage looking pieces like old cabinets and fire places that make the space so unique and some pretty pastel bunting that frames the entrance making it so welcoming. The art exhibited at the moment is the story of “Farrah was not a Dalmatian” by Adrie le Roux which is a very cute children’s story of an English Pointer mistaken for a Dalmatian.

Our afternoon was spent enjoying Catherine’s baby shower which was such a special occasion since she is G’s sister! Her very good friend Dominique decorated the venue with such style and finesse. G’s mum and her friends baked the most delicious almond balls, lemon cakes and apricot tarts which was a perfect sweet ending to the cheese and biscuits snacks.


If you are in the area, visit The Drawing Room to get the creativity flowing and see who is next exhibiting on the walls.


Winter Weekend

Winter in Johannesburg is a very different kind of beautiful. The days are chilly but clear and sunny. Most become very lazy over the Winter period by staying indoors instead of going out. I am one of those people on the weekends and love declaring them “staying-in-bed-pajama-weekends”.

When I do have to go out, I like to keep it casual as I do the dressing up during the week for work. Here is an outfit idea if you are like me when keeping it casual is how the weekends should be.

Coral Jersey: Foshini, Jeans: Cotton On, White tank top: Cotton On, Scarf: PnP Clothing, Takkies: Tomy Takkies

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!












Black, tan & denim

Black is one of my favourite colours to wear in Winter. It can be a very somber colour if worn too much but I like how it can be so chic and simple. Mix it up with tan and denim accessories and you have a more smart casual look.

I quite like this look for work. It isn’t too smart but the little Woolworths tan leather booties add to the outfit with their little heel as well as the black Cotton On skirt and long-sleeve top. An old vintage leather tan belt and denim jacket that was handed down to me from my mum adds a little dimension to the outfit and gives it a casual feel.



Macaroni Cheese

I am not the avid baker like most women. The other day I shocked G (who usually does dinners in our home) by making macaroni cheese for dinner. I was rather impressed with myself because it tasted delicious!


Here is the recipe for you to try it yourself:


Gluten free macaroni

Bacon or ham


Baby Marrow

Cream Cheese




For the topping:

Rye bread






Put your macaroni on for the boil until ready


Gluten free pasta

Chop  up some baby marrow,  broccoli and bacon or ham and stir fry

Greens, ham stirfry

Stir fry the baby marrow, broccoli and ham

Whilst your pasta boils, mix your cream cheese (2 tubs) with a little milk, garlic, salt and pepper with a whisk so that it becomes smooth


Whisk the milk, cream cheese, garlic, salt and pepper together until smooth

Once this is the sauce is ready, mix the cream sauce mixture with your greens and bacon & ham and start layering with the macaroni. Sprinkle cheese throughout (optional)


Add in the mixed sauce with the pasta

For the topping, blend some rye bread to make crumbs, mix with garlic and paprika for flavour and sprinkle with a little cheese over the top


Blend the rye bread until crumbs are formed

Put this into a preheated oven (180° C) for about 30 – 40 minutes – keep checking dependent on your oven, the top should become nice and crispy with a golden brown colour


Sprinkle the topping over the pasta and sauce

Serve with a salad or eat by itself, enjoy!